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It was a Friday evening, early in 1984, a year that would later be remembered for the introduction of the first Apple Mac Computers, the first CD players, the AIDS virus was identified for the first time in ‘84, and we all were singing along to WHAM’s “Wake me up before you Go Go”.

And that is the song that was playing over the PA-System as I followed my brother Jaco into the Holiday Inn Hotel where the lounge had, for that night only, been converted into a Movie Theatre. The lights were low, cigarette smoke was hanging thick in the air and young teenage eyes were looking around nervously and sipping surreptitiously on beer bottles which were hidden beneath their chairs.

The occasion was the screening of the latest Surf Movie to be released and all the who’s who of our town’s surfing talent was there. At the time I was oblivious to most of this and stoked simply at the fact that my older brother had invited me along: for me, it was a big occasion.

In the Lounge itself, on that night, Wake me up before you Go Go, would never be allowed and instead someone had brought along their Ghetto Blaster with a 60 minute TDK cassette recorded full on both sides with the songs that would be the anthems of our generation. We listened to songs by Bob Marley, The Cure, New Order, Sonic Youth, U2 and The Clash.

The lights were switched off as the last lines of “Rocking the Casbah” faded and everyone hurriedly found their seats and, for a moment, all you could hear was the whirring of the projector. Then the screen lit up and we were all taken on a journey around the world to places I didn’t know existed, seeing people and coastlines I had never heard of… >

Xsport-magazine – full my life in water article


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