my facelevel quiver

my facelevel quiver
my facelevel quiver

the boards i use to ride waves and run rivers with:

1. Plywood ‘Original Surfboard’ from England

2. Hydrobrid II – a Prototype Riverboard

3. Paipo – Plywood board – based on a traditional Hawaiian design

4. Hydrospeed – my all-purpose Riverboard of choice for most rivers

5. Alaia – Obeche wood board – based on ancient Hawaiian design

6. Morey Bodyboard

7. Proneo – a mate of mine gave me this kiteboard – I sometimes take it out in small waves

8. Hydrospeed – an early test model

9. Plywood Paipo

10. Hydrobrid I – an earlier Prototype Riverboard

11. Tray – bought from a local interior shop – used for Traysurfing

12. Handboard with GoPro Camera Mount (I prefer bodysurfing without a handboard, but its good for mounting the camera)

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