gnarliest wave ever bodysurfed?

shipstern bluff bodysurf

– click image to watch video –

shipstern bluff is a wave off tasmania and is known to be one of the heaviest waves on the planet.  earlier the year, while filming a new surfmovie entitled A Deeper Shade of Blue [a deeper shade of blue], one of the guys (Damian “Dom” Wills) in the line-up had a leash come off his surfboard and he was stuck in the impact zone. he decided to swim into one of the waves and try bodysurf it. besides the wave being really HEAVY, he did this without flippers which makes it even more challenging since it is really difficult to generate enough speed – swimming into a wave like that – to assist you in making the take-off. below is a quote of his, following the wave:

“When I came up my leg-rope plug had pulled out of my board, so I swam around in the line-up for a bit before I bodysurfed one okay wave and went back for another. I could see a good one shaping up. I took a few strokes and it pulled me over with the lip. I knew I was going to hit hard. But overall it was fun!”

taken from TransWorldSurf

bodysurfing shipstern bluff

the photo above and video-clip shown here does not do justice just how gnarly Dom’s wave was. you will need to actually watch the movie to really appreciate it. nonetheless, i suppose to be fair, one could not really say that he bodysurfed the wave…. mad props for trying!


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