seeing the wood for the seas

mike stewart seeing the wood for the seas
r a i l w a y s

i guess it is no secret that i am fascinated and inspired with the arbour-assault being launched into the surf industry at large. the ripples of which has gone beyond surfing per se, and has spilled over into Bodyboarding.

it is significant therefor that not only has the sport’s most recognised figure  Mike Stewart launched a Roots series in 2008, as part of  his Science Bodyboarding Brand, which boasts an Alaia shaped by Tom Wegener. . . the photo above seems to indicate that he is interested in exploring the performance of this type of craft even further.

Just look at it, it is a beautiful piece of art… and you can charge waves on it.  I got these photo’s from the Photographer Dane Petersen’s website and if i read correctly it was taken during their time together shooting Thomas Campbell’s movie The Present.

mike doing some woodwork

you can read more about my interest in, and exploration with, wooden bodyboards (alaia’s & paipo’s) here:

a board with roots

my life in water – published


3 thoughts on “seeing the wood for the seas

  1. Hello Charl!

    i saw the pics on Dane Peterson’s website and was really amazed by the shape. Never seen finned rails like this before!

    How’z everything?



  2. Hey Eef,

    Thanks for the comment.

    When I saw the rails I was reminded of an article on Tom Wegener’s website which goes into some of the details of how rails work. Check out this link to Tom’s site

    Some good guidelines there & in my view indicates that the round rails on the board shown above acts as a pivot to allow for sharp turning… negating the effect of very sharp rails which forces one to turn in a wide arc.

    Would be keen to hear your perspective.



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