River Trekking

My Son Neo, Brother Jaco & I went River Trekking yesterday. Had a great time first making our way up the river, along the banks and through the pools, shared lunch and then made our way back mostly rock-hopping & swimming through pools.

Neo did great again. I’m very proud of him. Though the water was very clear and fresh, there were some deep pools with dark water which he swam through very confidently.

Great to share this time with my Son & my Brother.

Captured everything on my GoPro Wide-Angle Waterproof Camera, what an amazing product!


4 thoughts on “River Trekking

  1. It is lots of fun.
    The main thing is to not go during your rainy season & to be sure that the river is not at a level that would make it dangerous for especially Asher. Also, check the weather to be sure that no rain is expected or had fallen in areas around the river you intend going to, which may cause it to increase volume unexpectedly. Email me if you’d like me to send you a gear list.

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