Bodysurfing Dungeons!

Robin Mohr - Bodysurfing Dungeons

My bodysurfing buddy Kieran & I had heard about it…

Last year in August someone apparently bodysurfed Dungeons. Now, to anyone who knows what & where Dungeons is, you would (like us) be very surprised to hear those two words together in the same sentence – Bodysurfing & Dungeons ? – until last year they were (obviously) mutually exclusive terms… that is… until Robin Mohr proved that it IS possible.

Swimming in the Impact Zone

A little earlier tonight, I had a text message from Kieran saying that he had met some guys at the beach today and they told him there is an article about Robin’s accomplishment on the Wavescape Site.  Soon as he let me know, I went looking and there it was, the story and photos to prove it >>> Spike’s Article on Robin Bodysurfing Dungeons

Well Done Robin!


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