Bodysurfing ARTiculated

Barreled from your head to your toe.

This Article by Mike Wallace goes well towards articulating some of my thoughts both on why I bodysurf and why it is probably the most significant form of wave-riding. Here is an excerpt:

“But there is a school of surfing that seeks harmony with Mother Nature, not opposition. This act of wave riding is intimate, cradled in the curl, angling along the most efficient high-line to maximize acceleration and length of ride, occasionally dipping to bleed off speed before gathering momentum once again. No “Huntington hop, hack, floater, pig-dog, lay-back slash, tail slide, aerial, or air reverse” here. No butt wiggles, no flailing arms; just slotted, stretched from finger-to-toe-tip. This is the realm of the bodysurfer.”

Sharing the Stoke

* I’m afraid I do not know who should enjoy credit for these great Images


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