Big in Japan

headlining in Japan

I recently had this wonderfully random meeting with a guy named Lincoln on YouTube, commenting on a Video. Turns out we have some similar interests…. canyoning, riverboarding and adventure generally.

He told me he is in Japan, a place I have only recently started equating with good water experiences, i.e. wave riding, river riding & canyoning.

Since seeing that amazing Surf Movie  Sipping Jetstreams by Taylor Steele, which features a short montage on Japan, I have become very interested with the hydro-possibilities offered by this amazing Country.  Couldn’t find the Japan clip from Sipping Jetstreams, but here is a link to the Teaser on YouTube:

Anyway, back to Lincoln…

He is part of an Adventure Company in Japan called Green Discovery Japan who offer all kinds of  Adventure & Extreme Sports activities: Mountain Biking, Rafting, Canyoning, Climbing, Riverboarding etc.  I reckon they offer some exciting options for the Adventure Traveller, follow the link to their website above (you may need to utilise Google Translate to understand everything on the site – but that ‘s part of the Adventure:-) or just contact Lincoln via the Contacts page.

Below is another pic from Lincoln of a Riverboarder shooting a waterslide… and some cool videos below that ….

fun run

Green Discovery Japan

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