Jumping into big waves off a harbour wall.


2 thoughts on “Jumping into big waves off a harbour wall.

  1. Waves are waves! Think more could be made of this form of madness. Imagine getting bombed off Kalk Bay Harbour wall by one of those monsters photographed in August 2009. Would look spectacular, but once you are in the water on the lee side of the wall, comparatively safe. Like getting hit by a huge pneumatic bat. Yeeeehaaaa!!!

  2. A few years ago my Mates & I would meet up at night and sneak onto the Harbour-Wall in Port Elizabeth on days with howling South Easterley’s and big swell and see if we could lie face-down & hold onto the (seaside of the) wall and have the swells wash over us. Having the waves wash us off was not an option since the other side of the wall was lined with dolosses…
    I agree with you, Kalk Bay would provide an ideal & spectacular setting for a game of hydraulic cricket. “neat sweep shot into the covers…”

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