Sliding with Sally – Part 1

Who is Sally? Well it is Sally Parkin of course, the Owner of UK based Original Surfboards, a name many might say is a misnomer, but that is probably only when you look at it from the vantage point of our current day 21st Century perspective…

Sally - taken by: Rebecca

Rewind 100 years <<<<< > and calling a flat wooden plywood bellyboard, with upturned nose, a Surfboard was completely acceptable….. history is all about perspective, it is said.

Sally & I first started communicating about a year ago when I came across a post on a blog which mentioned Original Surfboards. Somewhat intrigued I followed the white rabbit and was eventually led to a refreshingly un-surfing looking site. I really liked what I saw and Sally and I kept in contact. Turns out her brother lives in South Africa… I end up with one of Sally’s Original Surfboards and next thing I know I’m sliding away on days when I might otherwise not even have bothered paddling out.

Me - Riding Timber

Then, about a week ago, I meet up with Sally at Muizenberg a well-known longboarding surfspot in Cape Town South Africa, and we get to ride some small waves together at a place, it turns out, regarded as the home of bellyboard surfing in South Africa. It was a beautiful case of serendipity… while waiting for me, Sally and her Husband Henry pops into a Pharmacy, gets chatting to the Pharmacist and he shows them a book detailing the History of Muizenberg and therein they find a number of pages with photos dedicated to ‘Surfboard Riding’.

Sally & Henry

We had a great time chatting over coffee about wooden boards, Tom Wegener and the future of Original Surfboards….. then riding waves together…

More pics to follow in Sliding with Sally – Part 2

Here is a link to a video I previously posted regarding the riding of old-school wooden bellyboards. It is really inspirational and worth a watch: The Life of Ply

Other web-references to Sally & Original Surfboards:

Korduroy TV

Drifsurfing Article by Tom Wegener


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