Learning how to Freedive.

I recently celebrated a birthday.

My friend, Pierre Liebenberg, offered to take me to a local public swimming pool, for some pointers on getting started with Freediving, as a Birthday present. I accepted the offer with great excitement since it is something I have been wanting to learn, and learn more about, for a long time. It just does not seem like the kind of thing you tackle by yourself, and having Pierre offer to take me was a huge blessing. He has been Spearfishing for more than 30 years, and earlier this year attended some training presented by top International Freediver, Linda Paganelli, of FreeDiveDahab, so I was stoked to have the opportunity of some one-on-one time with Pierre, who is also the Owner of www.spierre.com, a Manufacturer of Specialist Spearfishing Equipment.

Back to my Freediving exprience…

Though I have spent much of my life in or around water, I have very little experience under it. So, I am an absolute novice. In fact, this session in the pool is probably the longest I have ever been in water wearing diving goggles, a weight-belt and all the other paraphernalia one uses. Pierre was kind enough to also film most of my dives, so I was able to sit afterwards and see what I was getting right and what I needed to work on more. Frankly, it turns out I am less graceful in the water than I had imagined, but it was effectively my first time, so I’ll allow myself some grace.

So, the plan is to more regularly attend some more ‘formalised’ training and when possible, film it & together we can track my progress as I learn a new discipline. Here is video 1:

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