Learning to Freedive 2.

Taken just before starting our CO2 Tables.

Following my first session in the pool with Pierre, I attended a more formal training session with a group of other beginners in the sport of Freediving.

I accompanied Pierre and his daughter Danielle to a local School Swimmingpool where we met up with John, a well-known South African Freediver, and a group of other enthusiasts ranging from beginners like me to South African Record-Holders.

John explained to us (beginners) that he would take us through some basic CO2 Tables, which is a programme designed to assist the Freediver in getting his body used to depleted levels of O2 & higher tolerance to CO2.

We all got in the pool and were instructed to “breathe-up”… since I did not really know what that meant, I figured it probably just means you need to relax, so I started doing some breathing exercises Pierre had taught me: one deep breath in & a slow breath out – twice as long as your inhalation. We all did the “breathe-up” for a few minutes, following which John gave us a count-down and on his command we headed off underwater swimming 25m’s. Upon surfacing we were given a set amount of time to recover before having to swim the 25m’s back again and so it continued with each set completed resulting in a shorter time-span for resting, thus making the swim a little more difficult. I think we did around 20 lengths in this format.

Truth be told, I was very comfortable in the exercise and it helped boost my confidence a little, since as a Novice, I was concerned that I would find myself out of my depth (so to speak).

This coming week, we are going to again be doing CO2 Tables, but this time with 50m lengths in the pool, which I suspect will be considerably more difficult, but I’m pretty excited to be getting into something which I have for a very long time been really keen to pursue.

Here is a short video taken from Session 2:

Thanks again to Pierre of SPIERRE for all the filming & footage.


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