Whitewater Season!!!

As I sit writing this, the rain is tapping on the window next to my desk and a pot of Chicken Soup is boiling on the stove…

The first rains of our Winter has come & this heralds the beginning of our Whitewater Season. This time of year is always filled with much activity for those of us who choose to chase rivers. Since we have a pretty short Whitewater Season, we are all on high alert with text messages and many phone calls and emails being exchanged in efforts to ensure that we hit the right rivers at the right time.

Above then (probably just so I feel like ‘I’m in the zone’), is an old Profile Pic of mine & below is a link to a video of us running some Urban Whitewater, right in the heart of Cape Town.

An Urban Adventure – Riverboarding Video

And just to contradict everything… a shot taken of the Palmiet River at a good level on a very rare sunny day with good Whitewater. I just found it in a folder somewhere & had to put it up.

Calling all Foul-weather Friends!

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