Swim like a Navy Seal – Combat Swim

The Combat Swimmer Stroke is a relaxing and super efficient swim stroke that is an updated version of the traditional sidestroke. Actually, the CSS is a mix of sidestroke, freestyle and breaststroke in the following ways:

1) Freestyle

The top arm pull of the CSS is the same as arm pulls in freestyle.

2) Freestyle

Breathing after the top arm pulls in the CSS is the same as in freestyle.

3) Breaststroke

The bottom arm pull is the same as the breaststroke arm pull

4) Sidestroke

The overall look is the same as side stroke in the CSS since you are on your side and kicking using the scissor kick.

Put this mix all together and you have the Combat Swimmer Stroke in this sequence:

Top arm pull, bottom arm pull-breathe, kick- recover arms overhead, glide…

From: Military.com


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