Bellyboard | Paipo | Tombstone ?

Jon Wegener has unveiled a few new projects he has been working on… of special interest to me is the Paipo he has made. According to Jon’s Blog . . .

“The bellyboard, paipo,tombstone, etc. is 3’6” with a concave deck, belly to vee out the tail, and Morey style rails.”


One thought on “Bellyboard | Paipo | Tombstone ?

  1. My experience with riding wooden (Paipo) boards has been that the single most important factor, as to how well the board rides, is the amount of flex it has. A very stiff board, or board that does not flex, simply does not ride as well as a board with flex. I’ve had great success with using Plywood and getting some flex into my Paipo’s… Paulownia is not readily available here in South Africa, and some of the other types of wood we have tried have just not delivered.

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