Did you know…?

In 1926, a young man named Marion Morrison had his very promising future as a Football Player cut short due to an injury sustained while Bodysurfing at “The Wedge” at the tip of the Balboa Peninsula at Newport Beach.

We pick up the story in an excerpt of a Biography:

“When the driven athlete wasn’t at football practice or doing homework, he was at the beach. Duke (as he was later known) and his friends liked to play in the waves of the ocean, diving into the curl of the water and riding the waves to shore….

He sustained a serious injury body surfing in the choppy surf… A strong wave forced his frame down on the sea floor a few inches from the shore, dislocating his right shoulder…

His performance on the field suffered as a result, and by his second year at college he’d lost his place on the football team… and with it the scholarship he was receiving.”

By 1928, he had abandoned all hopes of furthering his education due to financial pressure, without the scholarship, and started doing odd-jobs, until he finally got involved in the Film Industry, first behind the scenes and then later as a star in more than 30 Movies… where he became better known as John Wayne.

Excerpt taken & edited from the BOOK:

The Young Duke: The Early Life of John Wayne By Chris Enss, Howard Kazanjian

This Post is for you Dad!


3 thoughts on “Did you know…?

  1. Wow John Wayne was a bodysurfer at the wedge? Or did he have a go at bodysurfing and picked the wrong place and time to try? Very intertesting.

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