Dr. NakaMats – Underwater Inventor

Dr. Yoshiro NakaMats holds the record for inventions, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, with over 3,200 to his credit—three times that of his closest rival, Thomas Edison. Dr. NakaMats’s inventions include the floppy disk, the CD, the DVD, the digital watch, Cinemascope, and the taxicab meter.

Dr. NakaMats does all of his brainstorming while swimming underwater… The NakaMats method of invention involves diving underwater without an oxygen tank or snorkel and staying below the surface for as long as possible until an idea bubbles up. Upon resurfacing, he then writes down the idea on a dripping-wet Plexiglas tablet. via: whatagreatidea

A movie about Dr. NakaMats was released in 2009 (trailer below), and you can find out more about this interesting and eccentric man at: Nakamats Homepage


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