Call me Matadore

I was finally able to get myself a Surfmat. It is something that I  have wanted to get into riding for a long while now & having spent the last 2 years or so making and riding Alaia’s and Paipo’s for prone surfing, it felt like the time is right to get myself a Mat.

Having looked at many Internet resources, hoping to orientate myself around the dynamics of riding these interesting, semi-organic vessels, I settled on a Tracker Roundtail by Fourth Gear Flyer.

Yesterday I took it out for a maiden voyage in pretty stormy and chunky waves at our local beach. Have to admit that I struggled a bit with figuring out how to duck-dive under waves, paddle into waves and not to mention… actually riding waves. I managed to hook a couple of nice waves and had some glimpses of what the Mat is about >> SPEED. Wow! It is as if you hit a power-band when you find the sweetspot.

I am an absolute novice and newby; so far be it for me to theorise about this interesting wave riding tool, but my initial impression is that I got the feeling of bodysurfing (free, unencumbered & in touch with the wave) and the speed of a bodyboard (without the constant awareness that you are on something). My suspicion is that much of the Art of riding a Mat is intuitive, rather than learnt. Almost 30 years of wave-riding experience seemed of little help yesterday… however, this is exactly what I was hoping for, something to reinvent my waveriding experience.

Be pre-warned that this Blog is likely to feature lots more Mat Riding material in future….







5 thoughts on “Call me Matadore

    1. Hey Billy,

      The tube is an off-cut of a drain-pipe from the local hardware store & some plumbing fittings for the caps on the top & bottom. Cost next to nothing & should provide bomb-proof protection when travelling.



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