Making some Plywood Paipo’s




Almost done...
1, 2, 3, 4...
Neo lending a hand sanding.
Working on the rails

To be  continued…



5 thoughts on “Making some Plywood Paipo’s

  1. Are you hiding your fingers in the last shot on purpose? Those jigsaws are hungry for fingers!!! I still need to try one of these boards. Oh, and remember I did say to tell me if you were going to make more…..

  2. So basically you take a 1/2inch or 3/4 plywood cut it to the shape you want and sand the edges and have it have a small rocker in the front?

    1. There’s a little more to it…

      Things to consider are rail thickness & angle, for me flexibility is also important, so you need to get it just right. In order to get the flex just to my preference, I coat the board in polyester resin with varying layers of cloth. So, no ‘pre-made’ rocker in it. I like it as flat as possible with flex providing a variable rocker as needed.

      If you are keen to find out more… the place to learn is the Paipo Forum >

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