Neo’s first BIG fish.

Had a weekend away with  the family…

We travelled about 80km’s to a Dam which has a small cluster of Rustic Cottages alongside and a general tranquil feel. Met there with our Friends Heinrich & Bianca of AALS, and really  just had a relaxing time.

Neo caught his first BIG fish. His tireless effort at practicing casting  and then finally getting to go fishing was rewarded with a good sized Carp, then later another small one and also a small Barbel.

I’d never before fished for Carp & usually mostly spin for Bass. From a purely practical perspective, I found that fishing for Carp is a very good option to do with your young Son. It allows you the freedom to do other stuff, once you’ve casted your line, rather than having to work all the time such as spinning or other means of freshwater fishing. I’ve found that my 8 year old Son, tends to get bored fairly  quickly if you do not catch something  early on, when fishing for Bass for example. Also,  the expectation that builds and is then let down everytime you cast,  reel in & have to cast again, is demoralising for a youngster… as the saying goes “hope deferred makes the heart weak”.

Below are some images of our time away.

Neo's BIG one
Nina showing our lodgings
Heinrich & Bianca
Neo learning how to chop wood
Tap vs. Water
Neo with his small Carp
The Girls, goofing around.



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