Surf Movie Review

A great deal has already been said about Cyrus Sutton & his latest Cinematographic offering “Stoked & Broke“, which I also Posted about a few months ago > Stoked & Broke Trailer.

I am yet to see the film, but in anticipation I have taken some time out to read a few reviews on it.

In doing so, I came across this REVIEW by The Inertia dot Com.

Beyond giving some perspective on the Movie itself, it also makes some astute observations about what Surfing (Movies) have become.

Here is an excerpt:

” …that doesn’t change the fact that most surf movies are grievously corny advertorials whose sole purpose is to sell soft goods to fifteen-year-old boys. This may not be readily apparent to the casual viewer, but, if you, for whatever sadomasochistic reason, decide to watch numerous surf films in a short period of time, Clockwork Orange-style, you will begin to see certain patterns emerge.”

From my side, I reckon that it is good to know there are still some influential guys, like Cyrus Sutton, out there who understand that riding waves is not about them or selling products, but about something deeper…








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