Making some Paipo’s – Part 2 – Done!

Family Quiver


Green Machine
Andrea helping out.
Wide Ride

Finally got round to finishing the Paipo’s…

I painted the one green, which is the only water-based paint I had lying around, & also stuck a thin film of EVA foam on. The Purists will probably turn their noses up, but past experience has taught me that it really helps having even just a thin film of protection for your hip-bones & ribs.

A mate of mine, Nicki Carstens, has a business making surfcraft & he helped me coat the Paipo’s in a layer of epoxy resin. For the ‘Wide Ride’ I also asked him to put a layer of cloth on, since it was flexing both vertically & horizontally.

Travelling to Jeffreys Bay over this Holiday Season, so hoping to score some waves there with my new boards & my 4th Gear Flyer Mat… cant wait!


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