Mike Stewart Vid

Almost a year ago, I put a post up here > Post on Fire < bemoaning the fact that as far as I was concerned, the movie entitled “Fire”   (said to be the ‘magnum opus’ of legendary Bodyboarder and Bodysurfer Mike Stewart) was not only disappointing, but to my mind did a poor job of actually honouring him.

Then recently, my mate Adrian put a video clip up on Facebook showing a  short video on Mike Stewart… What a cool little video-clip; it tells us more about who he is, what is important to him & in fact shows very little of his exploits in the water.

To my mind, this is the type of production that Fire should’ve been, if it was to be a celebration of the man and his legacy.

Check it out below:

Note, Vimeo Video’s take a while to show for some reason, so if it looks like the link is missing… just give it a few seconds to load.


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