Stoked Blokes…

I posted about the Movie Stoked & Broke by the guys at previously.

Earlier in the week, I watched Stoked &  Broke with my 8 year-old son Neo, who also really enjoyed it. After watching it, Neo disappeared into his room and I did not see him for half an hour before he reappeared to call me.

He said that I should come play lego with him…

I was a stoked bloke when I walked into his room and found that Neo had built his own interpretation of the rickshaws, surfboard quivers, video cameras and other stuff he saw in the movie.

Naturally, I joined him in building some more lego and together we had great fun; in the process I was able to really engage with him on some of the Movie’s subject matter.

Here are some of the creations Neo came up with…

Cyrus' Rickshaw - quiver stacked, wetsuit on top, hand-plane and fins...

Cyrus filming Ryan...

Ryan shredding on his foam-block

Cyrus editing the movie.

Neo with his lego creations

3 thoughts on “Stoked Blokes…

  1. That is brilliant! I love it when kids minds take that spark of inspiration and go make something of it with lego. My nephew is the same and I always love it when he talks me through what everything represents. It also gives me a great excuse to get back building. In fact that’s what I’ve asked for for my birthday… a massive box of lego bricks. Outside of surfing its the most relaxing thing I know how to do.

    Super cool kid btw.

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