Riding the Dragon…

Riding the dragon on a beast.

via: Teamfli.com


3 thoughts on “Riding the Dragon…

  1. I respect every single bodysurfer of The Wedge. So I’d be VERY THANKFUL that the truth came up like this beautiful beast. This wave hit the shore of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. LEME BEACH. The bodyboarder was actually there, unlike the notorious Mel Thoman. Thanks !!!

  2. Hi Mauricio,

    Thanks for clarifying where the wave is. Looking at the photo now, I can see that the hillside / mountain on the left certainly is not the Wedge. My apologies for crediting the image incorrectly (I have ammended it).



    1. That’s ok Charl, no issues at all !! Thank you so much ! Keep bodysurfing brow !


      Mauricio Seven, bodysurfer@Leme Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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