Crane Jump

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I dont usually put anything up on mylifeinwater that does not involve being in or under water in some way… but I decided to make an exception in this case.

A well-known Kite-Surfer named Nick Jacobsen, recently pulled a stunt which I find pretty impressive. Especially so, since it involved him climbing up and jumping down a crane on a ship that ran aground (a year or so ago) less than 10 minutes drive from where I stay.

It is a nicely put together video that is a little cheeky. Take a look below:

via: Lupha Films YouTube Channel

2 thoughts on “Crane Jump

  1. Oh man that’s quality! I am not big in to heights. It’s my achilles heal so that was giving me the ebee’s. Must have been a hell of a rush to jump.

    Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year. Is your son still playing with lego? That’s what I’ve got my nephew this Xmas. Will spend most of my day building it with him – perfect! I keep asking for a box of bricks but everyone thinks I’m joking so this year I’ve not asked for anything in the hope I get some! 😉


  2. Thanks Josh,

    I drive by that ship almost everyday… it is a big jump. I’ve also eaten at the restaurant he promotes…. nice food there & good coffee!

    Yep, Neo still loves playing with Lego and is getting some more for Christmas.

    I reckon you need to be more specific when you ask for a “box of bricks”… perhaps throw some hints about Star Wars Lego, or Prince of Persia Lego… or maybe something with an underwater theme.

    Let me know if you got some…



    PS: Hope that you’ll have a great Christmas & exciting New Year

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