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It turns out that all the underwater swimming I do at our local public swimming pool is actually a recognised sport… who knew?

Finswimming has been around for a long while and participants use equipment such as monofins, special snorkels and masks. The attraction is the speed and sense of glide experienced by the swimmer, and if I recall correctly I read somewhere that the current finswimming world record for 50m’s is less than 20 seconds. Wow!

Check out the video below and also the image of specialised finswimming goggles. I reckon they look pretty cool.

However, I am not really into the speed and sprinting side of things… I more enjoy the tranquility and sense of rhythm. Like the guy in the video below (he’s using a pretty weird fin that does not look very comfortable), but the setting is cool and probably closer to pure freediving:

To find out more… use Google!

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