Factory Fresh…

Ok, so I know I’ve been sharing lots lately regarding the Fluid Anvil board that’s just gone into production… and it’s probably starting to border on seeming a bit ‘spammy’, but here’s the thing. This is my blog and therefor in some way is an online journal of My Life in Water, so to speak. The Anvil project has taken more than 3 years to complete and has had to overcome a few stumbling blocks along the way. It is a triumph in many ways, hence the fact that it is finally happening is cause for celebration…

Below is what I consider to be an historic picture. One day, this will be up on a wall somewhere. The two guys shown are Josh Galt, Founder and Owner of Facelevel.com. and Celliers Kruger, Founder and Owner of Fluid Kayaks. My relationship with Josh goes back more than 7 years… when Josh had contacted me and asked if I would consider joining the Facelevel.com Team of Extreme Sportsmen. Since then he and I have built up a robust relationship and I have the utmost respect for him. He and I have never met or spoken, which makes Josh my longest-standing Pen-Pal.

Celliers is a legend in South African Whitewater circles. Not only does he own Fluid Kayaks, but he is also the Author of a number of books, amongst which is the definitive guide to running whitewater in South Africa – a Guidebook. About 4 years ago I emailed Celliers to ask for some advice on waterfalls I wanted to run on my Riverboard. From there we kept in contact and at one point he mailed and offered that if I was ever keen, Fluid would be willing to manufacture a Hydrospeed-type Riverboard in association with me.

From there our relationship has grown and apart from the work we’ve done together on getting the Anvil project off the ground, Celliers has become someone whom I consider a good friend.

This photo then catalogues not simply the first Fluid Anvil Hydrospeed-style Riverboard to be produced in America, but also freezes a moment in time which I will always look back on as milestone achievement.

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