Torpedo People ><

by: Chris Burkard
by: Chris Burkard

Keith Malloy’s seminal film on bodysurfing and bodysurfers – Come Hell or High Water – has found resonance with anyone who loves spending time in the water. Describing itself as: “about taking a breath and kicking your feet in the big blue sea”, the film has not only exposed a much wider audience to the simple joy and underground sub-culture of bodysurfing, but also re-ignited the joy for many of just simply riding a wave without a board… on nature’s terms.

An inevitable, but very welcome, off-shoot of the Film is the recent release of a Photo-Book entitled THE PLIGHT OF THE TORPEDO PEOPLE by Tom Adler which is For Sale from the website @ and be sure to take a look at the image gallery >!gallery/c1std > it is probably one of the finest image galleries I’ve ever seen for bodysurfing.

Go Swim!

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