a husband and father of two, living in cape town – south africa.

have been fortunate to always live close to the sea and as a result, active in all kinds of water-sport for many years. this blog is an expression of my interest in human aquatic potential… be it in the water or under the water, freshwater or saltwater.

though i sincerely respect all forms of human aquatic pursuit, i am personally most motivated to explore water at Face Level… for all the media attention that many of the mainstream water-sports enjoy,  there is  a fundamental difference between being in water and being on it.

i like being in water. so,  in conclusion, what is my quest?

i am looking for clear water…. moving to the Source

Below is an Article I wrote in 2009 which ended up inspiring the creation of this Blog and also documents my journey thus far…


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12 thoughts on “bio

  1. nice blog, how about some more on your woderful family – they are an inspiration, and your personal philosophy – you need to go to the source? Love it!

  2. hey charl keep on blogging mate! I have been very busy with my work and hope to take some time off soon, the plan is to get tubed as much as possible 🙂 how do you like the twentyten theme?

    1. Greg, good to hear from you!

      Sounds like you need to get in the water, hope you score some peelers in your time off.

      Still not sure of the theme… It seems everytime there is a trade-off. Swings & Roundabouts I guess.

      Pop me a mail when you can, still want to talk to you about DAYSTAR…

  3. Howzat brew,

    Wow, great to see and read this article. I believe more bodyboarders of today need to read it. Congratulations on getting back in the ocean after so many years. I totally believe the ocean is good for ones sole, spirit and mind.

    Looking forward to getting into bodysurfing everyday to get me fit again and finding my spirit of stoke again and ocean energy.



  4. Charl,
    Happy Birthday for 18/03/11.
    May you have many, many serene face level moments in the year to come.
    Won’t publicise your age though!!!!
    Thanks for the great site!!!

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