this site is meant to be a celebration of the things i find exciting, interesting and stimulating. i will also occasionally write about myself and where appropriate post some pics & videos of stuff i get up to. however  (notwithstanding the name of this blog) it is to be an inclusive place where all who share my enthusiasm can come and celebrate with me. if at any time i inadvertently post a link, a photo or an article which is protected by copyright etc. please know that it is not my intention to pilfer anybody else’s work or jeapordise their livelihood. i have, over a number of years, collected a fairly substantial library of images and information and have not kept meticulous record of whom owns what, but will try and give credit where credit is due. i will not intentionally do anything to offend and i ask that you extend me the grace to contact me, should you find anything to your dissatisfaction, and i will do my best to remedy any oversight on my part.

2 thoughts on “disclaimer

  1. Aloha brother,

    I am a lifelong bodysurfer that just came across your wonderful blog yesterday. Just digging what you are posting on here! I would humbly like you to check out this link of me bodysurfing in Taiwan and maybe include it on your site. I lived there for ten years and bodysurfed empty, mindless perfection for years……

    Here’s the link,

    Also, at home in in Hawaii we have a great group of sliders that hook up when there is swell. Here’s the link,


    Lastly, I just bought a Brownfish and it should arrive next week. Pretty excited!

    All the best,


  2. Hi I need to bring to your attention that you are using my image – the B+W surfer and dolphin put on your ‘style’ blog- in copyright infringement – this was originally posted on the net without my watermark by a newspaper. Please can you remove this one and I can send you a watermarked copy so you can put a photo credit up. It’s cool you love the image so I do appreciate that but in all fairness a photographer’s work should have their name attached.
    I understand from your disclaimer you do not want to offend or steal any one’s work and I understand the joy of sharing moments from the ocean. I don’t however think it is fair for my image to be used without credit and can be used/stolen by anyone.
    I would really appreciate you contacting me so I can send you a web version of the image.
    My email is shelli@bluespherephotography.com.
    My website is bluespherephotography.com

    Shelli Bankier

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