Hydrospeed in SA

This week has been an exciting one for me…

We have some friends and their families visiting here from France. I  first met Raphael over the Internet about 7 or 8 years ago in his capacity as President of RIPH , the International Governing Body for the Sport of Hydrospeeding / Riverboarding, which I took up in 2001.

Raphael was tireless in the assistance he gave me to get started with a sport which, it turned out, I was the first person to seriously pursue here in South Africa. In 2004, I was invited to a Hydrospeed gathering on the island of Corsica and finally got to meet Raphael in person, and also made many new French friends. One of these was Marc and a couple of years later (in 2006) Raphael, Marc & I became the first people to Hydrospeed the White Nile in Uganda.

We have kept in regular contact over the years and this week, I have had the privilege of having Raphael and his family as well as Marc and his wife visit with us here in Cape Town. As it turned out, we had some rain in the days preceding their arrival and we were able to run one of our local rivers on Monday. Though the level was very low, it was still a joy to not only be on the water again, but especially with my French friends and also have my brother out there with us.

Here are some images of the day…

The drive to the Molenaars River...

Du Toits Kloof

Gearing Up
Marc & Myriam at the put-in.

Sampling some of Marc's homemade "River Tonic" a.k.a. Firewater!
Raphael heading into a rapid

Timon, Raphael's 10year old Son.
How beautiful is this...?!

Me running a nice rapid on the Molenaars
My brother Jaco on the same rapid...
I love running rivers...!

It was a great day!

All photos by Marc Ettinger & Raphael Besson. I forgot the batteries for my camera…

2 thoughts on “Hydrospeed in SA

  1. i just for the moment had a look on your pictures on my mobile and your smiles told a lot about your enjoying keep having fun and pleasure take care warm feelings JiCé

  2. Hi JiCe,
    Thanks for visiting my Blog & for leaving a Comment. I think it is exactly because of the joy I experience when I am in water that I decided to call my blog: my life in water…!

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