… Slyde over here…

It is weird how dots sometimes connect…

Back in the late 80’s I went on a surf-trip with 3 mates to Durban; South Africa’s surf city on the East Coast. You can imagine, four youngsters aged between 16 – 19, left to their own devices for ten days on a surf trip to a city where no-one knows them… but I digress.

As is almost mandatory when recalling such a memory, one album emerges as its soundtrack. In this case it was Kick by INXS; and the song that became our anthem was Need you tonight.

Ok, so back to connecting the dots.

Since first coming across Slyde Handboards (click for website) on the Internet a few months ago, I’ve been interested to see the way in which they have really positioned themselves as a brand able to be a contender in the very competitive surfing industry. Almost everytime I came across Slyde, I’d catch myself singing that line from Need you tonight “…so slide over here & give me a moment…”

Here is the serendipitous, connecting dots part…

Turns out, much to my surprise, that Slyde Handboards has its roots in Durban, the city that holds the memory for me of the song that goes … slide over here…

Check out this video of Shaper Donald Brink talking about some of the new asymmetrical shaped handboards Slyde are working on >

So, I couldn’t resist finding I need you tonight on YouTube, watch it here >

3 thoughts on “… Slyde over here…

  1. thank you for this great entry. I Identify with lots of the stuff you write here. I’m saving to get one Slyde Handboard, hope to get it son

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Yea, the Slyde Handboards are really cool… and you can even customise it to look like your own design. Send me a photo when you have one.

  2. The 80s… Hawaiian magic sands special.
    Steve abru aka mr paddle man. Made is own out of plywood. Everyone thought it was joke until he took off on a huge set and skimmed into action by pulling off two 360 one after the other in perfect form. Plywood Hawaiian pride all the way…
    Here’s to you Steve ….

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