Sliding with Sally – Part 2

I previously posted [ Sliding with Sally – Part 1 ] about the fun-time I’ve experienced riding simple plywood boards such as those our Parents used back in the mid-20th Century, and now being reintroduced by Sally Parkin of Original Surfboards in the UK.

Also mentioned that I was fortunate to spend a morning with Sally here in Cape Town, riding some foamy rollers at Muizenberg Beach, which is probably the ‘birthplace’ of Plywood board-riding in South Africa. All in all then, it was a great treat.

It is tons of fun & (provided you can get your mind around not riding a wave to shred it apart or having to do some big close-out move) enables one to appreciate a wave for itself & not what you can do on it.

Here is an Epiphany worth having…. small waves also travel half-way across the world to get to your local beach… it is ALSO a privilege gliding with a small wave to the beach.

All photos by Original Surfboards

Thanks Sally!

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